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    Sure, most bloggers will lap up short comments like “Wonderful!” “I love it!” and “Thank you,” and if all you want to do is express gratitude or brighten their day, comments like that are fine, but you’ll make a more lasting impression and a more meaningful contribution to the conversation if you say a bit more.
    I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but comments that start out “You’re an idiot,” are laced with profanity, or are just plain disrespectful, undermine the authority of your argument. Nobody gives much credence to an obnoxious troll. So aside from the pleasure you get from annoying people, you’re wasting your time writing such comments. Always remember there is a real person reading your comment. It’s easy to be mean while hiding behind the anonymity of the Web, but you shouldn’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person.

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    For example, instead of just starting out “Humidity is important too!” it’s helpful if you start with some context like “User Squiggly1234 has a point about chocolate storage temperature, but has missed one important variable” and then go on to talk about humidity. That way other commenters won’t be confused as to why you started talking about bad hair weather on a post about chocolate.
    I know as you’re writing your comment *you* know what you’re responding to—maybe it’s the article or video or maybe it’s someone else’s comment, but when people come to the page later and read the comments, it isn’t always immediately clear what you’re talking about. It’s most important to provide context when there are a lot of comments. If comments are coming in really fast, for example, yours can get separated from the comment to which you’re responding.

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    People have different reasons for writing blog comments. What’s yours? Are you trying to get the attention of an influential blogger? Drive traffic to your own blog? Establish yourself as an expert on a topic? Do you appreciate the person’s work and want to say thank you or brighten his or her day? Do you disagree so strongly with what you’re viewing or reading that you simply can’t let it stand without a rebuttal? Sometimes, understanding your motivation will help you decide what kind of comment to write.
    On a brighter note, doing some research and commenting on popular blogs with high quality useful content can build your online credibility and business brand.

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    An avatar should be an image of the comment authors face and the name should be the real name of the comment author.
    Something i don’t do enough of is comment on the same topic i have just written about based on my own personal experience.

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